YOGA at ST NICOLAS – Thursday October 19th

  • This week, Thursday October 19th, could (possibly) be the last ever class in the current hall! The portacabin has arrived, which will be our temporary home, and it is hoped building work will soon begin on the revamping of the current centre.
    Last weekend I completed a 16.5 hour “Qigong for Yoga teachers” immersion at Triyoga Camden with one of my teachers Mimi Quo-Deemer. The course explored integrating Qigong theories and concepts into Yoga classes, five element theory and application, meditative and visualisation practices…and more!
    As it is half term next week and there is no class next Thursday- (26th) I thought it might be nice to mark the last class in the hall by offering something different!
    So…this week I will be teaching a Yoga class integrating some Qigong theories and practices. Exploring the concept of Wuwei (effortless effort) – and some Qigong forms (of which there are more than potential to get bored!) I will also weave in some 5 element theory.
    “By practising Qigong we can expand our capacity for being more grounded, balanced and centred – some of Qigong’s most highly touted side-effects. Yoga is a practice and process that heightens awareness and helps us see through misunderstandings, misperceptions arising in any and all moments. Yoga invites us to see more clearly – for me this means establishing a degree of freedom from orthodoxy and moving beyond the limitations of what we think we know or assume to be correct.” Mimi Quo Deemer
    Generally Yoga asana are linear whereas in Qigong there is a stronger emphasis on circular softer movements. I believe these 2 distinct practices can work together in a complimentary way!
    Class price for this week will be the same – £8

YOGA in Earley, Reading, Thursdays

Mixed level class – beginners through to advanced. This month winter themed practice exploring the water element. Winter is a time for storing and pausing (not always easy living in a town like Reading). Decelerate, deaggrivate and disentangle on Thursdays in January.

Yoga in Reading

Clear some headspace, establish democracy in your body – rather than being ruled by the autonomy of the head – relax and restore.

Level 1-2 Hatha Yoga. Thursday in Earley, see classes page.